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At ACC Business, we make it our business to deliver reliable telecommunications services to small and growing businesses. Our association with the AT&T Global Network means our customers have access to the largest, most advanced and reliable telecommunications network in the world.

But reliable essential voice and data services aren’t all you get with ACC Business, you also get a host of additional features and benefits that separate ACC Business from other providers.

ACC Business® Bill Manager

ACC Business Bill Manager enables customers who register to access their billing information online. This billing feature is available at no additional cost and provides customers with an enhanced billing experience. Customers will continue to receive their remittance slip for payment.

This online portal offers customers secure access to account information, such as:

  • View Statements Online – View the 6 most recent invoices, in both PDF and interactive formats
  • Account Status – View the current account status
  • Statement History – Begins with the first invoice for the account
  • Transaction History – View up to 12 month’s history of all transactions applied to the account
  • Support – Provides you with the address and contact number for our ACC Business Customer Care team
  • FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions are posted, so you are kept informed

To receive access to ACC Business Bill Manager, once you have an ACC Business Account #, an authorized representative needs to contact ACC Business Customer Care at 1-800-456-6000 to register for Bill Manager.

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FastPay On-Line Bill Pay for ACC Business

  • ACC Business offers customers to pay their bill online at Pay without signing in (
  • Select “Business Accounts”
  • Enter Account Number and Billing Zip Code
  • Enter payment information
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AT&T BusinessDirect® for ACC Business

ACC Business provides the following AT&T BusinessDirect® applications to all AT&T Dedicated Internet as sold by ACC Business (ADI): Domain Name Service (DNS) Provisioning Tool, eMaintenance, Manage Contacts & eNotifications, and Network Usage Reports at no additional cost.  The benefits of these applications are:

  • Domain Name Service (DNS) Provisioning Tool – Allows the ADI Customer to administer DNS changes without contacting Customer Care
  • eMaintenance – Allows ADI and AT&T VPN customers to submit and track trouble tickets on-line
  • Manage Contacts & eNotifications
  • Network Usage Reports – Provides ADI and AT&T VPN customers with views of inbound, outbound, and average network traffic on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

ACC Business offers the following essential AT&T BusinessDirect® applications to assist customers with the management of their ACC Business AVPN service:

  • Ticketing/Trouble Ticketing
  • eMaintenance and Manage Contacts & eNotifications
  • Performance Reporting
    • View Business Reports and Information
    • View IP Network Usage Reports (for Usage Based Billing (UBB)/Hi Cap Flex)
    • View Global Performance Reports (GRP)
    • View and Analyze Inventory
    • View Enhanced Reports/Managed Enhanced Reports (CSU Probe) – available at an additional cost
  • Network Management
    • View BusinessDirect Map (eMap)

In addition, the ACC Business Maintenance center offers live support 24 x 7.

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SLAs (Service-Level Agreements)

Rest assured that the service quality you receive from ACC Business meets your high standards. If our network performance delivers less than our objectives, you can request a credit to your bill based on the interruption.

Calendar Days

On-Time Provisioning

Our performance objective is to complete installation at a customer site by the due date, set after a complete order is received by the provisioning engineer. If we don’t meet this objective, you’re eligible to request a credit equal to one month’s discounted monthly recurring charge for the service components that aren’t installed on time.

≥ 1 minute
≥ 2 hours
≥ 4 hours
≥ 8 hours
≥ 16 hours

Site Availability

Our performance objective is for site availability of 100%, with time to restore of outages in less than 1 minute. If we don’t meet this objective in any given calendar month, you’re eligible to request a credit for each outage, equal to the product of your total discounted covered monthly charges for the affected ports by a percentage based on the outage duration.

Network Performance

Our performance objectives within and between network regions are:

  • Data Delivery ≥ 99.95%
  • Latency ≤ 37 ms
  • Jitter ≤ 1.0 ms

If we don’t meet one these performance objectives, you’re eligible to request a credit equal to 1/30th of your total discounted covered charges for all ports in the affected regions for that month.

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