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AT&T IP Flexible Reach from ACC Business

IP Flexible Reach from ACC Business carries voice traffic over a data network, utilizing the reliable global MPLS backbone from AT&T. IP Flexible Reach is supported on AT&T Dedicated Internet (ADI) service and AT&T VPN (AVPN) services. AVPN is offered with both client-managed and AT&T managed routers. With ADI Transport, AT&T managed routers are required. ACC Business supports a wide variety of access speeds.

Value-added capabilities including E911, Local Number Portability and Virtual Telephone Numbers. IP Flexible Reach is available with IP PBXs, TDM PBXs, and Key Systems (analog telephones).

Access Types:

  • AT&T Dedicated Internet (ADI)
  • AVPN (Transport and Managed)

Multiple Call Types Supported

  • IP On-Net to IP On-Net
  • IP On-Net to PSTN Off-Net
  • Inbound /Outbound Local Calling
  • International Calling

Full Local Service

  • 911/E-911, N11
  • Caller ID w/Name
  • Blocking Options
  • Directory Listing

Additional Benefits

  • Consolidate voice and data over integrated access with a potential lower TCO
  • Less hardware on site than with traditional systems
  • Simplify network management

Three Flexible Calling Plans Available:

  1. Long Distance Plan (Plan A)
  2. Local and Long-Distance Plan (Plan B)
  3. Local and Long-Distance Package with 300 LD minutes included per concurrent call
AT&T IP Flexible Reach from ACC Business

Features & Benefits

  • Virtual Telephone Numbers: Establish local visibility by assigning a telephone number to a phone not physically located within your location’s local calling area
  • Enhanced Features: An optional service with Line and Trunk features that support load balancing, redundancy, and overflow routing capabilities for inbound calling
  • Class of Service to optimize performance
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