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AT&T NetBond® for Cloud

Connect your Clouds with Confidence

The world today

To succeed in the marketplace, companies are searching for the best way to capitalize on cloud computing. That’s something that will let them increase business agility with scalable, on-demand services. And with 82% of enterprises opting for a multi-cloud strategy, they need seamless integration so work and data can move efficiently across multiple cloud platforms.*

Relying on the public Internet is one way to get there, but the public cloud brings its own security and performance tradeoffs. Ideally, companies could find a way to integrate public, private and hybrid clouds with their existing MPLS networks. AT&T NetBond® for Cloud does just that, by delivering the best of both worlds: the performance and security of a private network, combined with the flexibility and efficiency of cloud solutions.

A virtually seamless experience

AT&T NetBond for Cloud connects your people, your data and your business directly to the services offered by a growing ecosystem of leading cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce. It can also connect these providers to each other, through the same AT&T MPLS network.

It’s not just a one-to-one connection, it’s an integrated network that brings together your own data centers, public clouds and private clouds in a true hybrid environment. The cloud providers become a virtual extension of your AT&T MPLS VPN, appearing as additional nodes on your network. They’re available via fast, highly-secure connections to any network user. And it’s an environment that’s governed by robust Service Level Agreements. There are no up-front capital costs and you’ll have all the controls you need to simplify network management.

Cloud-to-cloud connectivity

As organizations deploy multiple clouds and move their processing to cloud platforms, connectivity between clouds becomes more important.

With cloud-to-cloud connectivity from AT&T NetBond for Cloud, businesses can manage multiple workloads running on different cloud platforms through a single portal. It eliminates the barriers between cloud platforms and lets data move efficiently among public, private and hybrid cloud applications.

Additional Benefits

  • No additional infrastructure expense, minimizing capital investment and reducing operating costs
  • Increased efficiency thanks to streamlined connections between different clouds
  • Improved performance with highly available, low latency connections
  • Reduced risk of DDoS attacks and other cyber threats with off-internet private connections

* Ask for the current listing of cloud providers within the AT&T NetBond for Cloud ecosystem.

AT&T NetBond® for Cloud

Features & Benefits

  • Easy integration and fast connectivity to more than 20 cloud services providers in the AT&T NetBond for Cloud ecosystem
  • Highly secure, cloud-to-cloud connectivity for efficient data transfer between private and public clouds
  • A self-service portal that simplifies network implementation and bandwidth allocation within your cloud network
  • A next-gen Software Defined Network with embedded virtual firewalls and virtual NAT routers
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