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Network Based Firewall (NBFW)

ACC Business Network-Based Firewall (NBFW) provides secure, high-performance internet access with ACC Business AVPN services. NBFW customers access the public internet from their AVPN connections via a hosted internet port that is provisioned in the AT&T network.

NBFW customers establish custom firewall policies that are actively managed and monitored 24×7 by the AT&T Security Network Operations Center. NBFW customers utilize an online portal to request security configurations changes and to access multiple online reports on their company’s internet use.

Internet bandwidth options range from 1Mbps up to 5G network ports.

  • Provides centralized internet access for all users and locations in an AVPN network
  • Connects company network to internet port that is provisioned at an AT&T Security Data Center

Optional Firewall Levels of Service allow customers to design custom security policies for efficient, secure internet access.

  • Choose from 2 Levels of Service, Primary and Enhanced, with options from outbound-only to bi-directional security policies
  • Enhanced Level of Service provides an all you can eat bundled service package, including Web Filtering & Malware Scanning features
  • Security features enable customer to manage company access to more than 75 categories of Internet Web sites
  • Includes inline scanning of HTTP/FTP content for common virus, spyware & malware threats & vulnerabilities

Responsive online portal allows management of firewall configurations & real-time monitoring of company internet use.

  • Submit lifecycle configuration change requests online via AT&T Security Center through AT&T BusinessDirect®
  • Track utilization, users & connections with online reports

In order to help protect your data from intrusions into your network infrastructure, you need flexible, scalable and reliable security services. As part of a broader network and security strategy to manage and control company systems and information you should have a strong, highly secure, cost-effective solution. And this is where we can help.

Network Based Firewall (NBFW)
Key Benefits & Features
  • Eliminates the need to install customer premises firewalls & dedicated internet connectivity at each of your locations
  • Increases the security of your internet, intranet & extranet environments
  • Provides central application of inbound/outbound security policies across your locations
  • Allows easy upgrade of bandwidth to/from the internet as your company & traffic grows
  • Transparent, Stateful firewall
  • Reports via website portal
  • Static and many-to-one Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • VPN tunneling thru static NAT
  • Hardened external DNS
  • Separate unique DMZ policy
  • Optional features include scanning of protocols for malicious traffic Malware Scanning and Web Filtering
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