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Local & Long Distance Services

Local Services

ACC Business Local Service provides your business with a solution that meets all of your local service needs, at a low per-line cost that you can afford. In addition, customers who choose ACC Business can count on dedicated customer service. With ACC Business, customers can choose local service according to their business needs. We provide a wide selection of additional features, including 3-way calling, Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Caller ID, and more. Because we carry all calls on the AT&T Global Network – the largest, most reliable network in the world – ACC Business customers can always count on a first-class connection.

Long Distance Services

ACC Business Long Distance Services deliver a solution that meets all your long distance needs. At ACC Business, we utilize the AT&T Network – the most advanced, sophisticated, reliable communications service in the industry. You don’t have to worry about losing your connection in the middle of an important call.

With ACC Business, you get the reliable long distance service that you need – at a price you can afford.

Choose one of our flexible month to month plans with varying Minimum Monthly Usage Commitment (MMUC) levels.

Consolidate all your telecommunication services into one convenient calling plan.

With ACC Business customers have the freedom of combining long distance, local toll and local service into one convenient calling plan with one point-of-contact and one easy-to-read statement. So whether a call is placed across the country, across the state or across town, customers get competitive rates and outstanding customer service.

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