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AT&T Dedicated Internet as sold by ACC Business (ADI)

Dedicated Access, World-Class Reliability

Your business relies on the Internet for many critical operations – electronic commerce, e-mail, remote access productivity and much more. ADI helps you consolidate management of your Internet needs with dedicated access, world-class reliability, optimal performance, scalability and security.

Fast, Round-the-Clock Access & Access Options

ADI provides a dedicated Internet connection for your business 24 hours a day. You will receive a completely managed solution with proactively monitored Internet access around the clock.  Ethernet access options available from 2 Mbps –10 Gbps (some speeds may not be available in all areas).

End-to-End Management As You Need It

More than just an Internet connection, ADI is a complete solution that combines reliable access and world-class 24×7 support. You gain the quality and performance you need to conduct business over the Internet with confidence.

ADI incorporates convenience, resources and flexibility in a completely vendor-provided Internet solution, easing the management headaches associated with rapidly growing Internet use. You can take advantage of managed, high-speed, end-to-end Internet connectivity, knowing that ACC Business is there with proactive monitoring and expert technical assistance.

In addition, we can provide and maintain full management and operational control of the necessary equipment, significantly lessening your network management burden.

Reliability In The Backbone & More

ADI utilizes the AT&T IP Backbone. AT&T is a leading Tier 1 Internet Service Provider. As the market leader in high-capacity OCX solutions, the AT&T network offers world-class reliability.

The backbone’s multiple-ring design provides alternate routes between backbone nodes for enhanced service reliability. All routers are deployed in a redundant configuration, with fully redundant power supplies and route switch processors.

AT&T Dedicated Internet (ADI)
Key Benefits
  • Your connection to the Internet is dedicated, not shared with other businesses, and provides a symmetrical connection (equal upload and download speeds) to support critical business applications
  • Reliability you can count on backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements that provide service availability of 100%, data delivery of 99.95%, and US network roundtrip latency of 37ms
  • 24x7x365 technical support and proactive monitoring assure continuous end-to-end availability of your dedicated Internet access connection
  • Access Types: Ethernet and Private Line
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